Ways To Preserve Teeth


When it comes to smiling and keeping our smiles as perfect as we can, it can be can be a challenge to say the least. Between proper oral hygiene, proper dental care and being sure to take necessary steps to get procedures done as soon as possible, it can be a challenge for many. In some cases, despite our best efforts we can end up losing teeth for any number of reasons, meaning we need to look into replacements. With the advent of dental technology, today there are more options than there used to be when it came to fixing up your smile. Here are just a few ways you can help your teeth continue to look their best, even if you end up losing a few.


Crowns are probably one of the most common ways to preserve and repair a broken or damaged tooth. A crown is essentially a covering that goes over the entirety of the tooth to help preserve it in the instance where a large cavity has caused a large percentage of tooth loss. This helps keep the overall tooth instead of having to extract it and replace it with a bridge or implant.


A bridge is essentially kind of what it sounds like – a bridge of false teeth cemented into place using surrounding teeth as an anchor. While this is great for replacing many teeth at once, the bridge itself can look slightly unnatural and sometimes the false teeth are obvious due to different shades when compared with neighbouring teeth, so this is a better option for the back of the mouth, not the front.


Slightly more invasive than a bridge, implants are surgically implanted rods that are placed into the jawbone by a dental surgeon to create an anchor for a false tooth. The tooth is usually shaded so that it matches surrounding teeth, creating an almost flawless, impenetrable and natural look. Implants are more expensive and take longer to create than bridges, but the results are superb and highly sought after for those looking to replace teeth that are on show constantly. Dental implants Belfast can be of assistance to anyone looking to have implants done or those who may have questions about the procedure.

So if you’ve been on the hunt for a way to cover up those unsightly gaps in your mouth as a result of dental loss or you’re looking for ways to help preserve that smile for longer, these three suggestions are ideal for a number of situations. Which will you choose?

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