Pros and Cons Of Home Vs Dentist Whitening


Have you been wanting to whiten your teeth but you aren’t sure whether to shell out for the professional whitening at the dentist or whether to get the boxed whiteners from your local drug store? If you’re facing this dilemma, have a look at these pros and cons of both ways to whiten your teeth to help you decide what to do.

Whiten At Home – Pro

Whitening at home can be done through boxed kits of whitening solutions that are bought from grocery stores, pharmacies and drug stores. The benefit to these is that they’re often easy to use, cheap and can be done at your convenience, so you don’t have to reschedule appointments, miss work and the like.

Whiten At Home – Con

Whitening at home products can contain harmful bleaches that are not recommended for use. People can also go a bit too heavy with it, resulting in abnormal looking results (remember this issue with Ross from Friends?). Not only this, but applying whitening solution yourself can be difficult so you could end up with uneven patches where not enough of the solution got to.

Whiten At The Dentist – Pro

Whitening at the dentist is a great way to get those pearly whites their absolute best. Visit your Cardiff dentist to see how they can help provide a great service that will ensure all your teeth get the same treatment. Professional whitening is ideal as the dentist and hygienist know what they’re doing and the results will be stunning.

Whiten At The Dentist – Con

One of the only con factors of using professional, dentist based whitening is the fact that it can be costly and time consuming. A whitening session can take between 60-90 minutes and you may be required to attend multiple sessions. Session price can vary, but many report that to get their teeth to the right level of whiteness they desire is around £400-500. While it sounds like a lot of money, if you keep up your dental hygiene afterwards, it’s not an amount you will need to shell out often, and so the cost is definitely worth it.

So if you’ve been wondering what the pros and cons are of each type of dental whitening service, hopefully this short article will have helped you figure it out a bit more so you can make an informed decision for your dental whitening. Which is your preferred treatment option? We’d love to hear from you!


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