A Guide To Teething For Your Child


When a child’s first set of teeth come through it can be a very stressful time for any family and often it seems like there are no solutions to the problem. It can be very hard for parents to see their child in pain and can also cause sleepless nights for the parents too. This guide will talk a little bit more about teething and how you can help to manage it.

What is it exactly?

This is the process of the teeth breaking through the gums of a child for the first time. Because the tolerance of a very small child is very low and the skin is being broken for the first time it can cause considerable pain for your child and this leads to irritability and crying.

When does it begin

For most children teething occurs when they are around 6 months old, but it can happen a little or later than this. The two lower incisors (sharp teeth) are the ones that normally come through first, followed by the top set.

A child usually develops all of the teeth within the first two years and your child should generally have a full set by three years of age at the latest.

Easing the pain

This is the hardest part of a teething child, attempting to somehow ease the pain, however there are some great methods of doing this. Generally speaking many of these are not medicine based, but these are also available. Rubbing the gums of your child with a finger can greatly ease the pain. A wet cloth or gauze can also help with this also.

Some people like to use the teething biscuits that you can buy and others swear by pieces of toast. It is practically impossible to predict what will be the most effective, however it is a matter of trying many different options and finding the one that your child responds best to.

If nothing is working you can always go to your doctor or pharmacist for a solution, because there are also medications that can be applied to the gums of your child.

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