Understanding Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is something that we hear about each a lot, but perhaps we don’t fully grasp how it works or what it actually means. Understanding it is of course the best way to fight it, because you will obviously not do certain things that will make it worse. I thought it might be a good idea to make this guide in order to combat tooth decay and help you to understand exactly how it works.

Enamel: the best defence

This somewhat mysterious substance is the outermost layer of our teeth that gives them that white sheen that we all know and want to have. This layer acts to protect the softer layers of teeth underneath, these layers are known as dentin and the pulp of the tooth. These layers are much softer and therefore need to be protected as they would otherwise wear away very quickly. Plaque and bacteria cause the enamel to wear away and this is wear small holes form in the teeth, and these are known as cavities or caries. These can lead to other issues if not treated promptly.

Protecting the enamel

As we can see protecting the tooth enamel itself is extremely important for protecting the overall tooth. One of the greatest risks to the enamel itself is plaque and this can be controlled in a number of ways. These include brushing regularly, controlling your diet and flossing.


Acidic food and drinks is also another huge risk to enamel and can cause it to wear away at a much faster rate than plaque and bacteria can.  Of course the solution here is to ensure that you are not eating or drinking things that very high in acids and the prime example of this is fruit juice, which is not only very sugary, but generally very acidic. Fruit of course is healthy and juices certainly have health benefits, but imagine how many oranges it actually takes to make a glass of orange juice! It is therefore important to keep an eye on these kinds of foods and drinks that are a little bit unexpected in terms of their impact.

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