What To Know About Dental Implants

dental implant

Dental implants represent the future of dentistry and are far better than other forms of cosmetic dentistry. In this article we will talk a bit more about what makes dental implants the go to choice for modern day dentistry.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are pieces of titanium that are implanted into the bone structure underneath the gums in the upper or lower jaw, for those that have lost one or more teeth. An artificial tooth can be fixed to this implant and it will form a very strong false tooth.

What makes them so good?

The first and best thing about them is that they are just like a normal tooth and have a very strong root, therefore it makes it very easy to do very normal things, such as eating and talking. This is in comparison to something like dentures, which can become loose over time and sometimes it is necessary to worry about them staying fixed in the mouth. Dental implants simply feel natural, just like a normal tooth and they are the closest thing to real teeth that is available.

The second most important thing is that dental implants prevent deterioration of the underlying bone, where teeth have been lost. Over time the bone will wear away as it is not stimulated in any way and this can change the shape of your mouth or ever your face. Dental implants prevent this by stimulating the site of lost teeth and act to stabilise the bone underneath.

Will a dental implant last?

This is an important question, especially when you are considering getting dental implants, but the question is not certain. With proper care it is believed that dental implants can last a lifetime and the technology is constantly improving, so dental implants are lasting longer than ever before.

Am I eligible?

This all depends on the individual person and your mouth and this is something that a dentist or dental surgeon can discuss with you further. The biggest factor in eligibility for dental implants is whether or not the bone can actually support the proposed implant. Of course dental implants are still a form of surgery and the standard prerequisites are required, such as good health, relatively young age and many other factors.

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