4 Bad Dental Habits To Kick

Everyone has bad habits, but the worst kind are definitely habits that negatively impact your teeth. A lot of the time you might not even know that it is actually affecting your teeth, mouth and gums. Read on to find out some bad dental habits that you absolutely must give up.

Grinding your teeth

When people grind their teeth it is usually a sign of stress and is not always something that is voluntary, but it can be the case. When you notice that you are grinding your teeth, you can do things like chewing gum instead, so that you are not causing any damage to your teeth. If you are having problems like grinding your teeth in your sleep, it is a great idea to speak to your dentist or dental professional, as this is a common symptom and they can help you to deal with it.

Opening packaging

Your teeth should never be used to open any form of packaging, it doesn’t matter whether it is made from paper, plastic or something else. It is important to remember that your teeth are not tools and saving a few seconds by opening something with your teeth is not worth the long term damage that you may cause to them. You can always use a pair of scissors, a knife or even a key to open most packaging.

Consuming too much juice

Juice is well known for its health benefits, but it is definitely something that should be consumed in moderation. This is often a little known fact that consuming too much juice can be harmful to your teeth, especially because it is rather acidic and also contains a high amount of sugar. The acid in the juice can cause your enamel to wear away and the sugar can promote the growth of plaque and bacteria in the mouth. Of course juice is great for its health benefits, but it is important to remember that when you consume it, it is best to always have some water afterwards to clear the mouth of excess acids and sugar.

Chewing on ice

So you have finished your drink and you want to eat the ice at the bottom and of course it is somewhat satisfying to chew on the ice, but did you know that this can cause your teeth to chip and crack? It is best to leave ice to do what it does best and that is keeping things cool.

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