Dental Treatments In Case of An Accident

If you are blessed with a good set of teeth and a great smile you’ll likely want to maintain it. Seeing a dentist regularly helps to prevent oral disease and help to keep your oral health on track. Accidents do happen though, and this is when you may need to look at getting emergency treatment from your dentist.

From teeth being chipped or knocked out to root and gum decay, there are many ways a dentist can mend your mouth. Here are some of the treatments dentist offer to keep your mouth healthy and improve your smile in the event of an accident.


If a tooth is missing it may cause speech impediments or cause discomfort in your mouth. If a tooth has been knocked out or decays from within, an implant can be an effective way of replacing it. Implants are meant to replace the root portion of your tooth by fastening a rod into the jawbone and then setting an artificial tooth or crown in place of the old one. A tooth implant is one of the most popular solutions to replacing missing teeth and has the feeling of begin a natural tooth.


These are a moulded set of false teeth that cover the places where teeth are missing. They are typically secured to a plastic plate that can be taken out of your mouth. Dentures have been around for a long time and still work great if there are many teeth missing. They also have the benefit of being able to be removed and cleaned regularly.


If a tooth is chipped or cracked but still has a substantial portion of the tooth left a crown can be added to form a new tooth. A crown is typically made of porcelain and placed over the remaining part of the tooth structure using a strong adhesive. Using what is left of a natural tooth gives it strength and also the natural feel.


If a tooth is cracked or chipped but still in tact a dental veneer can be bonded over existing teeth. Each veneer with be crafted to look natural in your mouth. The small piece of ceramic can be set to the colour of your pre-existing teeth and then is bonded to them. They last 10-15 years and do not discolour over time.


This procedure is very similar to a veneer and often used to strength teeth, improve discolouring and repair a minor chips or fractures to teeth.

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