Running and Walking with Diabetes


When most people think about diabetes the first thing they think about is managing sugar levels and remembering to take insulin, however as people with diabetes they know it goes a little deeper with the need for regular exercise to stay healthy. Amongst many ways to stay healthy, walking or running can provide the perfect complement to a healthy diabetic lifestyle.


Think About Food and Your Diet

While there are many sports drinks available that your friends may drink when they walk or run, they may not be appropriate for a diabetic. Water maybe the best supplement for you, however there’s no better advice than that from your Doctor – so keep them in the loop about any exercise you’re considering doing.

Take it slow

Just like regular exercise, when it come to exercising with diabetes it pays to take it slow and know your limits. The only outcome of jumping straight into running without any previous exercise is damage to your body, so take it slow. Start with a slow walk around your block and take it from there. If you feel like you can walk a little farther the next time, give it a try, but as soon as you feel like you’ve reached your limits – stop!

Don’t Do It Alone

Just because you’re taking it slow doesn’t mean there aren’t others just like you who are wanting to go at your pace. Ask your friends and see if they’re interested, or look for a local walking group that has people in a similar position who are happy to take it slow.

Do It Right

Even though walking may be considered light exercise you still need to do it right, and that means the right gear. Instead of your regular shoes, search for some Groupon coupons for sites like 6pm that offer purpose designed walking and running shoes. While your regular shoes may seem comfortable, they weren’t designed for exercise and can lead to damage to your feet and posture.

Take Your Insulin

This one goes without saying, but we’ll say it again – take your insulin, or any other type of medication that you may require along with you. The last thing that you want to do is get stuck without it.

Just because you or somebody you know has diabetes doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in staying fit, they may just have different limits. Before you consider any exercise, speak with your Doctor and get their advice, and be sure to tell your friends so they can help keep you on track.

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