It’s best to be prepared


Cancer is one of those subjects that nobody wants to discuss or even think about. No wonder- it lays a very valid claim to be the most deadly disease known to mankind. According to statistic, 33 percent of the population will face a battle with cancer at some point in their life. The chances are extremely high that someone you know has or will suffer from cancer at some stage. These are the cold hard facts.

Thankfully, as technology progresses and medicine becomes more advanced, the chances of surviving cancer increase. In the last forty years, survival rates from cancer have doubled in the UK. The majority of people who are diagnosed in good time have a better than fifty percent chance of survival.

A fight such as that against cancer becomes a lot more winnable when extra stress is removed from the equation, allowing the patient to concentrate more on the grueling recovery process. Taking out cancer cover can ease both the financial and emotional burden, not only on yourself but on those you share your life with too. The battle against this awful disease is an expensive one. There are hospital bills, there’s a lot of travelling. You also have to stop working. If you’re self employed for example and are diagnosed with cancer, chances are you’ll be too unwell to work and that will have a big financial impact. Eighty three percent of cancer patients take an average hit of £570 per month as a result of their diagnosis. That adds up to £6840 per year and of course a cancer fight can last a number of years. Fighting cancer can also mean a struggle to maintain control of bills and payments. These financial implications have a large impact on the well-being of people affected by cancer.


Covering yourself against the eventuality of getting cancer will allow financial stability not just for you, but for your loved ones. It removes additional and unwanted pressure on people when their full and undivided attention should really be focused on recovery. Not only can cancer cover aid you financially, you can also benefit from advice and support, as well as counselling.


Hopefully you will never have the need to make use of cancer cover, but to take it out will allow you to be prepared should such an unfortunate eventuality ever occur. Of course it won’t provide a miracle cure, but the metaphorical weight it will lift from your shoulders will allow you extra strength to take on the toughest opponent you will ever face and very likely give your chances of survival a much needed boost.

Taking out cancer cover could be the best decision you make today.


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