5 Tools Diabetics Should Keep On Hand


The diagnosis of diabetes can feel Earth-shattering to the new diabetic but doesn’t have to be the end of the world. For many, finally coming to understand what is going on with their bodies, and having the opportunity to work out the details of a plan to live with the condition, can be liberating on its own right. Until there is a cure for diabetes, the reality for diabetics is that we will need to manage our insulin levels for the rest of our lives. Preparing for that reality is mission critical. The good news is that advances in technology continue to reduce the size and increase the accuracy of diabetic tools, freeing us to live the lives we want to live until a better option is found, and while the future may hold unthinkable conveniences for diabetics, for the time being there are five basic tools every diabetic should keep on hand at all times, which can be purchased through a medical supplies shop.

1. Test Strips – Blood glucose test strips are used to test glucose levels, by placing a small amount of blood on a strip, but they do not work on their own. They are just one part of a diabetic’s glucose monitoring system which requires a Glucose Monitor to reveal the results of the test.


2. Glucose Meter – The bulkiest item a diabetic will want on hand, these monitors continue to get smaller, the smallest units now fitting in the palm of our hands and running on batteries. The meter reads a test strip to assist us in keeping more consistent glucose levels throughout the day, reducing potential harm that can be done from severe swings in blood-sugar levels.

3. Lancet Device – A lance, in this case, is more a “prick” than what we think of when we think of lancing something. The ability to safely, comfortably and easily draw a sample can be the dividing line between us making regular blood-sugar checks and not doing so. Choose a lance that is both convenient to carry, but also effective.

4. Insulin Syringes – The idea of using a syringe is to administer any kind of medication is enough to send most people into hysterics. The insulin syringe, while hopefully a rare tool needed in our daily lives, is mostly painless and easy to use. They are a one-time use, thin and short needle, which only injects subcutaneously, or under the skin.


5. Control Solution – Each meter will use a specific solution to maintain the accuracy of the meter, like a scientific control element, so that your results are accurate. The solution can go bad if it sits too long, but will have a “use by” date on it to ensure you don’t have this problem.

The most important thing in your life now is consistently maintaining your blood-sugar levels so that you can comfortably live the life you want to live. Finding a medical equipment supplier whom you trust and rely on will help you keep these five things on hand at all times so that there is no need to use unfamiliar or incorrect equipment. Plan to stay one step ahead of diabetes, and plan to stay in step with your life, because you feel comforted knowing you have it all under control.

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