It’s best to be prepared

  Cancer is one of those subjects that nobody wants to discuss or even think about. No wonder- it lays a very valid claim to be the most deadly disease known to mankind. According to statistic, 33 percent of the population will face a battle with cancer at some point in their life. The chances are extremely high that someone you know has or will suffer from cancer at some stage. These are the cold hard facts. Thankfully, as technology progresses and medicine becomes more advanced, the Read more [...]

Diabetes and your vision

As the leading cause of blindness in the UK's working-age adults, diabetes is a condition that is still often under-diagnosed and often poorly managed. While the failure to properly treat the metabolic disease can lead to permanent loss of vision, the variety of these cases can be prevented so long as the right steps are followed. Diabetes is caused by a failure of the body to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood. Among the most common symptoms are frequent urination, as well as increased Read more [...]

Diabetes and the Elderly

Diabetes can be a serious concern for the elderly, as nearly 20% of Americans over age 65 have it and another quarter of the elderly population has impaired glucose intolerance. The general effects of aging, such as weight gain and a more sedentary lifestyle, make diabetes more likely in this population. And the scary fact is, almost half of those elderly people fail to properly control their blood sugar levels. Taking care of older people with diabetes is very important to maintain their quality Read more [...]

5 Tools Diabetics Should Keep On Hand

The diagnosis of diabetes can feel Earth-shattering to the new diabetic but doesn't have to be the end of the world. For many, finally coming to understand what is going on with their bodies, and having the opportunity to work out the details of a plan to live with the condition, can be liberating on its own right. Until there is a cure for diabetes, the reality for diabetics is that we will need to manage our insulin levels for the rest of our lives. Preparing for that reality Read more [...]
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